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About Our Family

Our reputation has been built on support and guidance given to those who are bereaved.

About Us

We often turn to family, friends and neighbours for support in times of need. Here at O’Connell’s, our reputation has been built over 50 years helping, supporting and caring for those who are bereaved.


We provide a comprehensive service, 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year.

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Those we love are precious

Our service reflects our values.

Choosing O’Connell's, you now have more than 50 years experience at your service. Our commitment is to you and those you care for most.


We also offer a range of memorial headstones and flowers to compliment any funeral.


Meet our team



Joe O'Connell

With nearly 30 years experience, your loved one is safe in our care. We are here to make sure our families are given the unique and special service they deserve.


Lesley O'Connell

Having worked in the National Health Service for over 16 years, you will find her caring, sensitive, and able to help with any enquiries you may have. Lesley has gained much experience in assisting families with any necessary benefit claims.



Wendy Wyatt

As a qualified funeral director for over 27 years and her background in nursing, Wendy is one of the most experienced in her profession. Her attention to detail and commitment means that the funeral  is as special as your loved one.



Richard Hume

Over the years Richard has worked at the highest level of customer care. His organisational skills and good nature means you can be assured of excellent service.


Rose Byrne

Having worked as a Bereavement Officer for over 15 years at Crewe Cemetery and Crematorium, Rose has unprecedented knowledge of burial and cremation law.


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