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Brian Lockett

Treasured memories keep you near

Date passed: 4th of November 2018

Funeral date: 19th of November 2018

“Treasured memories keep you near”


Suddenly on Sunday 4th November at Cypress Court Care Home, Brian aged 83 years.

The dear brother of Robert, Gladys, Irene and Barbara and the late Daniel, George, Colin and Pauline.

Brian was one of nine children, three brothers and four sisters
The younger siblings always looked forward Christmas as Brian would always turn up with the best & biggest presents.

After leaving school Brian worked on a farm for a few years but then started work on Crewe station as a shunter.

His later working years were in Rolls Royce

Brian was very close to his late brother George and as Brian never married George and his wife Pat welcomed him into their family.

Brian’s niece Sheila and nephews Tony and Andrew have many fond memories of family get togethers. He would often go out for meals with George, Pat and sister in law Francis and they especially remember the card games played for money when they came home.

Sheila, Tony and Andrew would go to bed and in their prayers they would pray for Uncle Brian to win as he would always leave his winnings for them to share – luckily he nearly always did win and they would come down in the morning to a load of money!

Brian’s Great niece Vicky, Great nephew Leroy and Dawn have many happy memories especially their annual trip to Blackpool with his close friend Fonzo. There was a particular memory that he loved to reminisce about during their visits to him for years after.

Whilst shopping the kids would often fill the trolley up with tonnes of treats without him knowing (even though they were pretty sure he always did know really!) When they reached the till he always pretended to be angry and told them all that they had to take it all back..even though he never made them.

Also during the same holiday after telling them repeatedly to tidy their room in the b&b, he came up and was shocked to see it spotless. He soon became suspicious and opened the wardrobe for everything to fall on top of his head. Everyone found this extremely funny…a joke that lasted for many years.

Great nephew Tony remembers with fondness visits with his great uncle Brian to stunt and motorbike shows especially featuring Eddy Kidd.

Tony also remembers that in his teenage years when getting into scrapes & stranded in places Brian would be the first person he would call to get him home and often had to meet him at the train station with his train ticket.

Great Great Niece Ruby has happy memories of Uncle Brian babysitting her. She used to be so excited sleeping over at his flat – she ate as many sweets and biscuits as she liked with her feet up on the sofa watching Disney films and got to stay up late to watch the wrestling. She described these times as being as happy as a “pig in muck”!

Brian loved his model trains and cars. He used to visit the TT races every year and loved motorbike and stunt shows. He also loved to watch wrestling and going to car boot sales.

He loved his holidays in Blackpool, he was good friends with the owners of his favourite b&b and travelled there most weekends to visit them. He also enjoyed flying to Malta which he did quite often.

Following retirement Brian spent many years volunteering for the British Heart Foundation which he really enjoyed.

Brian will be remembered by everyone for his massively generous personality, kindness & willingness not only to help people but to spoil them.

Brian’s funeral will take place in Crewe Crematorium Chapel on Monday 19th November at 2.40pm.

Any donations in his memory will be for Cypress Court Nursing Home where he spent his final years and will be deeply missed by all the staff.

for any further information, please contact our funeral home.

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