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Melanie Booth

“Nothing on Earth will ever replace the sound of your voice or the smile on your Face”

I really don’t have the words. I’m just so completely heartbroken, but the world lost the most special, selfless angel this week.

I can’t imagine the world with out her. She was a rare, old school person, who never complained. No matter how tough life got.. and boy was it tough at times. She never expected or asked anything of anyone.. ever. But gave her all and more. She’d give you her last penny.

She was kind. She was loving. Exceptionally forgiving and understanding.. she was genuinely interested in everyone.

She put everyone else first always.

Not a vindictive bone in her body.

So, so brave and proud. To a fault.

The only thing she needed.. was to be needed.

I am so lucky to be her daughter, but when you’ve had someone so special.. how do you live when they are gone.

The only positive I can muster is that that these two will be back together. Where they belong. She will be with her mum and dad.. and I hope enjoying all the over due hugs she deserves.

Today I promise I will make a conscious effort to stop trying to fix everything and be more present.

I’ll bleach my cloths and iron my socks and make sure I try and smile as she always did. Miss you forever.

Rest easy. Until we meet again ❤️

Love you mum. So much.

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