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Dorothy Gilligan

"Your life was a blessing your memory is our treasure"

“Your life was a blessing your memory is our treasure”

Dorothy was born on Thursday, the 18th of September 1930 in Manchester, where she also went to school.Dorothy was the youngest of 12 children, Her mother died when she was a child,it was left to the older adults to look after her she was a  bright enthusiastic child. The world was not a daunting place but a place of adventure, The joy of her life was her daughter Julie born in 1960 and her grandchildren Leigh and Kendra. Dorothy also had two great grandchildren Grace and Harry
By 1970 Dorothy her Daughter Julie and her beloved sister Lily And her daughter Debbie moved from Manchester to Crewe to start a new life.Not only where they sisters but the best of friends. She looked after Julie’s children In the holidays,being with Dorothy was like being on an adventure itself .Dorothy worked for Widdowsons (Making parts for Rolls-Royce) She was always interested in the experiences of others.She was caring,kind and generous.At 60 years old she retired only to start at a charity shop working for those in need, Dorothy liked crossword  puzzles, travel and being with her family. When she was in Germany visiting her daughter and son-in-law she had no problem going on the local bus, not knowing the language or where she would get off her young and adventurous spirit was with her till the last. The family have a lifetime of memories

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