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Fay Johnson

You will always rest in our hearts”

Fay Johnson was born in Crewe, she was one of four children, brother Roy and sisters Sheila and Janet.  She had two children, sadly her first baby Gary died at six months old and her then Husband Fouad was away and never met the little boy.  The strength of Fay’s character shone through that tough time and she went on to have a daughter Christine who she absolutely adored.

Fay spent a lot of her working life in factories in Crewe, but she talked often about her time during the war, working in the munitions factory making bullets.  Although this was a really frightening time for the country, Fay talked fondly of the girls she worked with and we can all imagine the jokes and camaraderie that Fay would have brought to work every day.

Fay had two grandchildren, Emma and Neil, where she took an active role as Nanna looking after them regularly.  Both Emma and Neil have very fond memories of their Nanna Fay, all of their friends loved it when they needed a lift and Fay would always be cracking jokes and making all of the children laugh.  Fay used to love driving and would regularly be seen hurtling around Crewe in a bright orange Mini, this was before the time of rear seat belts and any backseat passengers would be bounced all over the place while Fay regaled stories of her time growing up.

Although Neil cannot be here today, Nanna Fay is very much in his thoughts.

There were a number of stories that always made people laugh, a couple of these were about the time when her and her siblings cut a hole in a pair of their Mum’s frilly knickers and put them on to their family pet dog.  The dog got quite upset about it’s new item of clothing and escaped out of the garden and onto the street in front of the neighbours. They got into quite a lot of trouble that day.  Her Dad had a budgie and the bird had been taught to say certain phrases that aren’t repeatable today about Hitler and the Germans, this brought a lot of embarrassment to Fay’s Mum whenever they had visitors around to the house.

Fay had six Great-Grandchildren, Chloe, Ella, Zakk, Florence, Hudson and Raife.  The oldest by a long way being Chloe, who was born when Fay was young enough to be living a very active life.  Fay looked after Chloe after school and they had a brilliant relationship for the rest of Fay’s time, she was very proud of how she had grown and loved visits from all of the Great-Grandchildren.

Fay spent the last 30 years living in Bramhall Court where she made some very close friends, Ann and Little Chris would support Fay with supermarket visits and the three of them would have lovely evenings in, talking about the good old days whilst having a few cakes and a sherry!

Fay loved life, she went on many holidays and has visited lots of different countries, she loved to dance and to be silly, but most of all she loved her daughter Christine, and since Christine’s passing in 2013, Fay has missed her a lot and life has never been the same for her.  The family find great comfort in them both now being together and they hope they are setting the world to rights where ever they are.

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