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Harold Pennance

light is from our household gone, a voice we loved is still."

Date passed: 15th of December 2017

Funeral date: 5th of January 2018

“A light is from our household gone, a voice we loved is still.”


Harold was born on 28th March 1919 in Crewe, the youngest child of John and Annie. Whilst growing up, Harold loved cycling with the Wheelers, riding to many destinations including John- o – Groats. He had several jobs before enlisting into the Army during the war in 1939. Harold narrowly missed ending up in Dunkirk during World War Two, (where sadly many of his friends lost their lives) due to a hernia injury. Due to this the love of his life,Ethyl and mother Annie received the dreaded telegram ” missing , presumed dead” We can only imagine how they must have felt when Harold re-appeared, every much alive. After this Harold told Ethyl he would go back into the Army only after they were married. They received a special licence and married on 22nd June 1940.

On 22nd June 1944 Harold and Ethyl became the proud parents of Ann. After his paternity leave Harold returned to fight in North Africa where he was involved in a major accident when the truck he was travelling in was blown up, taking the lives of some of his comrades. He suffered an extremely nasty injury to his elbow, as a result, he could barely hold a rifle.  When Ann was two and a half years old Harold returned from the Army back to the general grocer’s shop where the family lived. In 1948 the family moved from the shop to McLaren Street and he got a new job at Calvanators, followed by a move to the Gasworks, off Stewart Street where he remained until he retired.

Harold was thrilled when Ann and her husband Brian moved to live across the road from them in McLaren street and raise their own family there. He loved his precious Grandkids, Craig and Lee and great grandchildren, Cara, Luke, Charlie, Charlotte and William. He was even lucky enough to have great great grandchildren Connor and Sophia.Sadly he lost the love of his life, Ethyl in 2001 but was always independant and continued to spend lots of time with his family and taking holiday with the Gas Board Retirement Society to places such as Newquay and Strathpepper. He even spent three holidays visiting his grandson Craig in New Zealand.

After an amazing 66 + years in McLaren Street Harold moved to Mayfield House, due to deteriorating health. During his last four years there he had Ann and his family members by his side to support staff. He died peacefully on 15th December at the grand old age of 98 years.

Harold’s funeral took place on Friday 5th January at 2pm in the Crematorium Chapel, Crewe.

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